What can I do if my Instagram account has been disabled 2020

Like I was his it feels so every day I get between 10 and 20 people messaging me about my on Vine videos saying that they can’t figure out they come I’m dual the steps needed. I just don’t understand in general. So decided to do is I’m going to do a full walkthrough by myself. I’m so there’s an account which is banned for me. If 50 KB Google account, which is the top of dog. If you didn’t know what I’m going to do is run to do the whole stage. We’re going to go on my laptop. We’re going to do every single thing that you need to know. I’m step-by-step. So the combi any ripples that you don’t know how to do it because I’m going to lick SLI show you how to do everything as I do it. Okay. So let’s just get straight into it. So we are on the Instagram on band page now a couple things to mention as you can see. I’m on my desktop. I’m not on a phone and this is super important. Okay, so you need to be on a desktop.

For laptop, and you need to be on your home Wi-Fi guys, so no Fuji. No proxies know any sort of private internet access. You need to be on your homework K10 look is this account used to represent a business product or service? I don’t care. If it is a business page. You need to click know. I’m 10 full names of full name can be anything, Just remember what she put it as but I’m going to use my real name is Nick my liked your Instagram username. So the account I go find is Beagle dog lovers on. This is a 50k, so I’m pretty pissed. But oh, well things go things happened. I’ve been email address. So it’s your email address listed on your Instagram account now paralyzed. It doesn’t have to be to email address listed on your Instagram accounts. He can be any email address. So I would suggest use a Gmail account if you have a Gmail account, so I do have a Gmail account Gmail account.

Which country are you contacting us from now? Cuz I’m in the UK wherever you from you need to write a certain on Santa is the United States the mighty u.s. Survey reason being it just seems to get a better response from Instagram and they don’t care if it doesn’t actually come from there. So quick USFA. I’m then we just pick send and goes within the next 5-10 minutes. Normally I’m can be a little bit longer depending on how busy they are. I’m see nothing comes up here to say Well done or you done at whatever because we just going to wait for the emails come through in the next 5 to 10 minutes.

Are ghosts are literally within 30 seconds. I received this email. So this is from Facebook. Thanks for contacting us food and help we need you to confirm that you on this account. Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a handwritten copy of the code below 23199 and make sure that supposed to include the above code followed by your full name and username and includes the hand that holding the sheet of paper and your entire face because you just want to reply to that and just reply with the picture. No, thanks just make the picture. So I’ll just a touch. Now.

I got so I have attached the Image Hair. I will make sure to edit the image on the video just so you can see exactly what you need to do. And then we just going to hit send.

Bright guys, so it will take anywhere from one date to weeks for you to get reply from Instagram. Once you have sent the unband image back to them. But this is an example of an old message the message. I sent actually I’m waiting to see if I will get unbanned but this is an old message which they reply to offer send the picture and this is what it looks like. So it’s just a blanket message. It looks like your account disabled. We disable Instagram accounts that don’t follow at times of use blah blah blah blah blah guys know if you get rejected, obviously what we can do as we can have a little cry to herself because we’re not getting our Instagram account back yet, but we need to move on Fast guys. We can’t be hung up and crying about this for a long time. So what we need to do is we need to keep sending requests now God.

Wings to do this no matter how often or how long it takes and if you can’t commit to that guy’s then don’t even bother doing if you think you’re going to get it back on the first try don’t even bother doing it. Sometimes it’s the first try sometimes. It’s the fifth try. Sometimes guys, it takes months and that’s not a joke. I’m so what we need to do is we need to do a little trick. So God hold onto your butts. We are going to do some next level 200 IQ hack a gmail tricks guys, and I’m going to show you right now. Like I said look, we are back on that page the contacts page for Instagram. One thing to mention is that if you use the same email that Gmail gmail.com and send another application in straight away. They want reply to it. Normally you can only send one a week from an email but guys

What you need to realize is if it’s cool to the Gmail. Freak. I did explain that my last video but to just really show you if I put Nick. Gmail account gmail.com that will still come through to my gmail address. Put Nick. G. Malik at gmail.com that will still come through to my gmail address if I put thoughts in between every Lessa.

I will still come through to my email address. So we have unlimited email addresses from one email address and they all seen as different email addresses in Instagram. Also what we need to do lunch going to do Nick. Gmail at gmail.com for now I could send

Okay, boys and girls so look 0 minutes ago literally within 15 seconds. I got a new message to Nick. G Malik at gmail.com still the same. Even if I’m still in the same Gmail account. I’m back on you code. I’m which means I’ve got another request that I can send in because his the trick if I reply.

Why doesn’t show but if I reply just normally it will be from my normal Gmail address because he is what we do. We click settings settings.

hey weekly accounts and import

send mail as add another email address.

And then we will get this screen come up. So into information about your other email address name Nick my email address Nick. Gmail account at gmail.com gmail.com treat as an Avis the spine so thick next step now when we are back on the accounts and import page send mail as look we have a Nick. Jean Malik at gmail.com, which is what we need. So then we click make defaults and now the default address that we send mail from is Nick. Romantic at gmail.com so we can get back.

So that mail.

And we can reply and we can send another request now cuz I miss you can do this hundreds and hundreds of times a day. But let’s be realistic always set yourself. If you really want to get it on by and as soon as possible say so realistic limit, maybe 5 or 10 times a day from different addresses. I make a note of all the ones that you’ve used on because that is how to do it step-by-step. There’s no that’s the way and if you’re committed you will get it back on and campus coffee, right? I don’t care what the reason is. I’ve got every type of account back just by being persistent, because that is how you do it. So there’s no excuses not everybody could be able to do it and yeah step by step. Is how to do it and there you have it goes so that is how you unban your account step by step on. How do you have to be persistent? Nothing is going to happen on day one. Please don’t message me saying I send the form and I didn’t get my account unbanned because like I’ve said it takes persistence and do not have messages.

Is just ridiculous at the moment because if you find some value in the video leave a like make sure to subscribe and make sure you join the Facebook work as well. But I’ll see you in the next.