Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

Hi everybody. My name is John Lincoln and I am CEO of ignite visibility and author of the book digital influencer a guide to achieving influencer status online. And today I’m going to talk to you about what it means to be a digital influencer and I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff to cover with you here. So first things first, what is a digital influencer? What is it? It is an online Persona write a kind of mix of social media profiles blog’s content. All of these things that are online that can influence change inside of people right? And by doing this you’re going to be able to improve your SEO improve your social media improve your email marketing improve your Revenue. Why because you have this face right of face to your online brand that attracts business that gets people to link to you that gets people to follow you, right? The internet is a cold cold.

Digital influencer allows you to bring a face to a Brandt.

So influential influence has a psychology behind it. So how do you become a digital influencer? And what type of psychology do you need to bring to your online? Persona? First thing is reciprocity. Right people want to help other people who have helped them and there’s a lot of different examples of this online. So for instance, if I sent out a free small gift to an editor, they would feel a little bit in my in-depth to me and want to help me. They might cover me in their next story. They might allow me to post a guest blog and there’s a lot of different ways that you can do this online. So whether you’ve linked to somebody and you tell them that you’ve linked to them and then when they find that out they think of well, I want to help this person. I’m going to share that blog post on social media, right that would be an example of reciprocity. So by doing more for others and is it just a great thing in general for business?

Do more for others right do as much as you can and by doing that people are going to feel slightly in your debt or just in general want to help you and then that’s going to help you achieve influencers bad more quickly online guide to help others commitment and consistency. So being committed to a topic being committed to furthering the conversation right in bringing more to the table, but doing that on a consistent basis. This is so important. So whether you choose to have your channels be through YouTube through Facebook through Twitter through blocking through email. It doesn’t matter but you have to consistently be committed to getting in front of your audience. And if you do that over time people going to like you more it is literally statistically proven that the more he get in front of somebody the more they will like you. Okay, so be consistent

Social proof. So whether or not you have another influencer who is saying that this person is great, right and in bringing social proof in that way, so you have other people who are backing you or whether you have a larger social media Community or your showcasing how you been named by a large publication for doing something. Well right think New York Times best seller right that would be an example of social proof. You need to have credibility right in that comes through other people recommending you. So if you want to have a basically psychology of influence, if you want to influence others psychology, then you need to make sure that you have social proof to back you in with that becomes Authority and people liking you more so by building up Social proof that allows you to have more Authority in with that Authority whenever you distribute a piece of information that’s going to allow people to want to react to that Moore, okay.

Also, you’re going to want to be liked so, you know, this sounds a little corny, but when you’re creating your online personas, right when you’re thinking about how you’re interacting online think about the things that your demographic likes do they like people in suits or do they like people who are dressing casually do they like people who support environmental isn’t or do they like people who support a different activity, but when you think about the way that you’re aligning specifically with your demographic you to take that and bring that to your online Persona so that you can also attract more people and influence more people and then finally another important part is scarcity, right? So people want more of what they can’t have right? So if you are over communicating if you’re putting out too much stuff online and it’s not quality than that eliminates that scarcity. So what you’re going to want to do is make sure everything you’re pushing out. There is quality is the best and you as a nymph.

Windsor become a scarce resource

So when you’re first starting out and trying to kind of develop your digital influencer status, you’re going to want to find your focus and I’ll tell you that some of the most successful digital influencers have a lot of influence in a very very Niche space to find your focus. Make sure it’s it’s very very Niche and targeted based off of your goals and the type of business that you want to attract. Okay, and you’re going to want to determine a Persona and when you create this Persona think about the things that your demographic is going to align with think about the things that’s going to allow you to track business think about the things that you personally feel, you know, you are what you want to embody in your own space and what you know, people are looking for in the type of business that you run. Okay.


what we want to do now is put all this into action. Okay. So, you know, we talked a little bit about what a digital influencer is what digital influencer marketing is the psychology right in starting out but now we want to start putting this into action. So item number 5, you want to pick your main channels, right? So pick one two, three that you can really really own. Don’t try to be on every single social media channel out there. Maybe pick YouTube and Twitter and Facebook to really own or LinkedIn and YouTube, right? But you need to focus a lot of attention in order to build up a following and make sure you’re picking the right ones StumbleUpon and read it might not have your demographic there at all. So don’t waste your time on the ones that don’t matter.

And you’re going to want to determine the content strategy. So what’s the type of content that you’re going to be putting out and where are you going to be Distributing that content? Okay. What’s the Frequency going to be? What’s the main theme of that content? How does that mean Thing theme of that content relate to your specific business, right?

Now here’s an example of what month ones could look like for you trying to become a digital influencer. And in the book the book digital influencer a guy to achieving influencer status online. I give you a specific time line for how to make every single one of these things happen along with action items it so that you can take all of this important information and apply it to yourself. Okay, but we’re going to want his first determine your goals. Who do you want influence? And if you influence these people are they going to allow you to accomplish your goals to track Revenue build your business, right? So determined that first who are your goals? Who do you want influence create your personal guidelines next develop a block write you every didn’t lose your ass to have a Blog you have some place that you can publish. Okay. So you’re going to want to make sure that you’re blogging creating social media profiles what you’ve created those profiles run some ads.

A hundred or thousand followers right spend a couple hundred dollars and get that up since the tens of thousands of followers so that you can have a larger distribution.

Start building an email list build out your media list as well. Do you list of media contacts if you’re going to be reaching out to and start putting together a PR strategy using things like Haro help a reporter out. Okay, and that would be an example of month one. So these are kind of six points. I’m digital influencer marketing and I encourage all of you to go out and check out the book digital influencer and guide to achieving influencer status online and I’ll put a link to that inside of the about information at the bottom of this video. I hope you have a great day.