Ways to Get Authentic Followers on Instagram for Free 2020

Do you want to be instafamous full? Of course you do who doesn’t these days and some famous people are like celebrities. Are you ready to become more famous on Instagram while unless you follow these five exact tips. You’re not going to become instafamous everyone. I’m Neil Patel. And today I’m going to share with you five ways. You can explode your Instagram grow.

Sotif number one you heard this before but you’re probably doing it wrong have people told you make sure you comment and like and follow other people who are popular so that way you get more followers sure. That’s true. But that piece of advice is only half-way, correct. And here’s what I mean. If you start following half-naked models and you start liking all their stuff and then those followers see your comment. They come to your profile. They start liking your photos, you know, it’s going to end up happening after while they’re going to stop liking your photos and pictures because those followers are really irrelevant what you’re doing. You have to get very relevant followers. So make sure you like, and follow other people but they have to be within your industry. CA Instagram. Has is our them when she looks at how many comments likes you get when the picture first gets published and if people are following you within

Industry sure you have a lot less followers, but the ratio of life and comments are going to be way higher which means our pictures are going to go more by all they’re going to go on the Discovery pages. I never going to get way more new followers II if I have for you is post Visual and emotional content consistently if people are bonding with your content and it’s not Visual and emotional. They’re not going to keep following you. They’re not going to leave a comment. They’re not going to like your stuff that has to be super emotional. Just think about it if I’m here giving you advice over video and I started talking like this and said, hello everyone. My name is Neil. And today. I’m going to teach you how to do better on Instagram. What do you think’s going to happen if I started talking like that?

Neil this is boring you’re going to leave your number to wash my videos again, but if your content is visually appealing and it’s a striking people wear their videos or pictures and you’re doing it consistently people are going to continually follow you and the reason I also mention consistently is because not everyone’s going to see all your videos and images right away. Sometimes people take breaks. They’re not on Instagram every single hour like you are some people only check their Instagram once a week. So you have to be consistent with your content as well. If I have for you it says submit your content to other Instagram account and here’s what I mean by that there’s an Instagram account on everything a lot of people are lazy, but they have a ton of followers cuz they’re early on and all they do is take curated content and publish it and tag the person that they got that content from for example, if your men’s fashion, there’s a lot of Instagram profiles that just feature

Men’s fashion images and videos from other accounts. So make sure you create content and submit that the other accounts. It’s a great way to get tagged by other popular accounts have more followers than you and some of those followers will come back to your profile and start following you as well as leaving comments and liking your pictures 4th if I have for you is to collaborate with other influencers. You probably see this before an Instagram where people post pictures of each other and they both take each other on each other’s profile and this helps gets more followers and I’m not really talking about that when it comes to collaboration with that. Of course, it works as well. And here’s what I mean with the collaboration. Let’s say you have a picture with your friend. I’m sitting here with my buddy David who’s helping me as I’m recording these videos and me and David. Let’s say we both take a picture on Instagram and we wouldn’t just put it up and tag each other, but we could also do stuff like Hey, we’re going to give a giveaway and give away 10 iPhones or

IPads or whatever it may be make sure you tag us both and share this picture on your Instagram profile right or repost it and when you do that and I will be leveraging my audience were also leveraging David’s audience. But the key with this is a start with influencers have a similar amount of following that you do and then after he rose grows, you can then climb your way up to more popular people on Instagram for you to make sure you’re posting pictures with memes tag a friend who you love to go here with but don’t use old pictures that people have already seen on Instagram has been played out so many times. It doesn’t work unless you’re using creative and you images and you know, you can do to really Spruce this up you can turn on Instagram advertising and push more traffic to that image before making Your Meme go more viral and start tagging more people who get more, and more followers. So if you followed those five tips,

Instagram following is going to explode you become an insta famous to start walking down the street and I was going to be like, oh, hey John, I follow you on Instagram. You’re awesome and amazing. So if you want to explode on Instagram follow the spiders not one not two all of them. And if you’re unsure what to do just leave a comment below and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step. I don’t even tell if your photos are good or bad. Just leave a comment below.