Tips for a Modern SEO Keyword Research Strategy

I am the only thing with Ignite visibility in today. I want to talk to you about a topic that kind of makes me like like feel like my head’s going to explode unfortunately, and that’s how to select the right keywords. There’s so many different implications for selecting keywords on the internet and we’re going to get into all those but you know, I think it’s this is a really important video and a really important topics on excited to talk to you about this and I think you’re going to learn a lot. So what’s 5 into it?

Okay, so when it comes to selecting keywords, let’s start kind of basic and then we’ll move up to become more advanced. So basically when anybody starting on any search engine marketing campaign Weatherby Google AdWords or whether it be, you know Bing or whether it be, you know, trying to get ranked in Google or a keyword in Facebook or a keyword on another site that you’re working on it. It’s really important. I believe that you start with the kind of handful of keywords that have the highest intent first, right? So what are going to be these 5 to 20 core terms that have a good amount of search traffic. Generally when I think of about a good amount of sirs traffic, it’s something over, you know in the high hundreds or low thousands or For Hire so they have a good amount of search traffic. They have intent meaning that somebody will search for that. Click on the result wherever it might be and then one

And in general there their specific to your business and they’re not going to be confused with something that’s best totally different. Right? I’ll give you an example. The term SEO is a term for search engine optimization. Of course, it’s also a term for a really popular singer. So these type of things do happen. They can inflate keyword traffic and things like that. So the couple things to start with but generally think initially what are going to be those quarterbacks that are going to drive the traffic to wrap you in the conversion for you now to determine those court terms. Usually the best place to start is by doing some competitive analysis. So I really recommend that you use sem rush it is a great tool use the Google Keyword Planner to do some research. There’s a lot of other tools out there, but those are two very very good ones and that’s going to allow you.

YouTube put in your competitors see what they’re running ads on see what their ranking for and in many cases the terms that competitors are running ads for is going to actually be better as far as selecting keywords in the terms if they’re just trying to rank for not always the case, but the reason that I might be is because if they’re bidding on it, they’re willing to pay for it. They’re trying to be there intentionally that can be a really strong indicator. That’s that’s going to be a good term for you to try to ring for and or a good term for you to try to be betting on as well hung up on search volume because some Industries have terms with them hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of searches a month and other ones just have terms that are you know, if you get a conversion you make $100,000 but there’s only a hundred searches a month for it. Right? And then the other thing to keep in mind is that if you’re just getting into a specific industry that some of these turn

Are much much more competitive than others. So if you immediately try to get in and in rank for a term that’s got a hundred thousand searches a month and it’s in a very competitive industry that’s going to be really tricky. So it’s some things that you can do if you’re just getting started so that you don’t try to go after these really really competitive terms. Like for example SEO companies a term that we’ve been targeting for years and years are we now rank really really well for but we couldn’t do that initially as some of the other things you can do as you can start local. So your local business with local implications, you can try to rain for the term that you’re going after is well as the location that’s going to be much much easier to rank on the city the state level then it is going to be to drink on a national level. You probably have the zero chance for a new website to rank on the national level on the AdWords side. You can fire up as immediately and be running on the national level or on the local level. It’s up to you is just based off of how much

Going to pay. So an in another thing you can do as you can go after a long tail keywords. So the longer the term in most cases the easier it’s going to be to rain for in many cases the cheaper. It’s going to be to bid on to these things. I’ll have variations but longer tail terms can be really good to start with if it’s sto and also they can also in many cases have very high in 10 if they’re doing this through sem. Okay, once you have your kind of court terms pin down and you want to start getting a little bit more broad you want to start thinking a little bit in in these ways. So kind of awareness competitive analysis intent-based terms and then terms that are kind of like remarketing type of terms and you put them into these buckets. What are some of the terms that maybe they’re not looking to convert right away, but they’re going to learn about your product or service.

What are some of these terms that they’re going to be looking at when they’re kind of reviewing and looking at other companies and doing more thorough research? What are the intent bass terms ones that they really wanted Target specifically and then what are the terms once they’ve kind of already been a customer that’s going to be information that’s interesting to them so that they can continue to see you as a thought leader. That’s basically how most people do it from a lead-generation e-commerce influencer marketing perspective when you’re doing content marketing so content marketing that’s that’s how you’re looking to segment those terms and you’re probably going to want to start with the awareness some kind of the review in 10 terms first filled out information on your blog through your content marketing that’s going to allow you to track new visitors every month get them in your funnel so that they can kind of convert now. It’s a completely different situation if you’re running a directory website or if you’re running a e-commerce website or if you’re running

News website opposed to just a website they’ve been content marketing lead generation for and I’ll get into that much more in another video those specific topics should definitely have their own information dedicated to them. Okay. So just something up for today start with those core terms first and the one she’s got those up and running you’re getting leads. You’re getting business you trying to get in ranked start going into those awareness turn start going into this other terms that maybe they’re not intent-based exactly, but they’re still going to be interesting things to draw people into their beer business. You’re going to want to do that through content marketing selecting those terms only select keywords that are going to really be related to your sphere of what you want to be a subject matter expert for and what you want to draw people into you by 4. I’m online

I’ll give an example. I wrote a blogpost on silly and marking the other day people were reaching out to me to offer to do affiliate marketing for them and run their program. Sure. I’ve done that but that’s not the type of business. I want I shouldn’t have done that for me. I should be writing on search engine optimization social media marketing conversion rate optimization email marketing Amazon and paid media. That’s what I want to attract people for online and selecting keyword is a big process for that. Right? So this video really specifically to my content marketing and I’m going to optimize this for a term that’s going to drop people in as well. But this video specifically is going to be more on kind of the broadside the awareness side. So think about that for your own business as well. I can talk to you about International keywords. We can get into specific types of websites we could go on and on and on for now just know that you want to start with those core terms and awareness and will cover.

Advanced topics in future videos. Have a great day, and I can’t wait to see you for the next ignite visibility University.