This is Hidden Instagram Tricks That Almost No one Knows (2020)

Welcome to new post today. I’m going to be showing you five Instagram checks that nearly nobody knows. OK, so the first trick is the fake Instagram, the M trick. Now, with this trick, you can make your dreams come true or just trick a lot of people. So as you can see here

it looks like all of these celebrities have messaged me. Right. It looks like the most popular person in the world. Makes me look super cool. Now, guys, this may come as a shock, but they didn’t really message me. So this trick is really easy. And it basically is only two steps. Step number one, literally just message them anything you want them to say to you. Step number two, slide and press unsent. And that’s it. If it doesn’t show the feature to unread messages, just go to your profile press edit profile and then switch to a professional account. Now you can show people at Fleck’s and be basically the most popular person in the world, even though your mom doesn’t even message you back.

OK. The next trick is the Instagram story slide trick. OK, so we’ve probably all had this situation. Some other person just uploaded an Instagram story literally a second ago. And you really want to see what’s in their Instagram story, right? OK

With this trick, you can see what’s in the Instagram story without it showing that you’ve seen it. So here’s how to do it. Just go onto the Instagram story of the person before or after the person you’re trying to see. Instagram story. Then just hold your finger on the screen and slide to the right or to the left, depending on where the Instagram story is. And then you can see the Instagram story of the other person. And it would show as seen if there is an ad literally just swipe to the ad and then do the trick. It will still work.

Now you can stalk everyone without them knowing. The next trick is how to see people’s old embarrassing Instagram user names. Now, we’ve probably all been using Instagram for a long time and for all the years we may have had some like embarrassing user names that we don’t want anyone to know about.

You can currently only see this on Instagram accounts of celebrities and guys. Some of these celebrities have had really, really weird ads, even like kind of embarrassing Instagram user names in the past. So here’s how to do it. Choose an account, press the free dots up top. Right. And then go to about this account and then click on former user names.

Now you can see all of the old embarrassing usernames cais. With this trick, you can expose so many people. The next trick is how to unsee an Instagram story. Now, guys, the worst thing that can ever happen has happened. You went onto your crushes Instagram account. You’re not even following them. And you watch that Instagram story accidentally. Now, guys, this is the worst situation to be in because you’re not following them.

So they know that you actually take that name in to Instagram and then went on to their story to look at what they’re doing. You look like the biggest talker in the world. Guys, wait before you pack your bags and move to the woods to live a life alone, away from everyone and away from any civilization on Earth. I’ve got the solution for you. You can actually unsee Instagram stories. Yeah, that’s right. You can watch as many Instagram stories as you want and you can see them so that it doesn’t show that you’ve actually seen the Instagram story. It’s super simple. All you have to do is block the person for 24 hours. Wait 24 hours, because as you know, Instagram stories are only active for 24 hours. So if you block them, you won’t be on the list. It’s that simple.

Now, guys, this next trick might actually freak you out, but you can actually see all of your past actions on Instagram. No, guys, as I said in the Snapchat tricks video, click here or here to watch it. Instagram, Snapchat and all of these other. Perhaps they basically save everything you do on the app. You can see your comments that you’ve done your profile information like old usernames, old Instagram bios, even old links that you put in your Instagram bio. You can see everything now.

All you have to do to see all of that data is go to settings. Then go to security and then go to download data. Then you just put in the email address where they will email you a file with all of that data and that’s it. This is kind of creepy, but it’s also kind of cool because you can basically reminisce on the past and what you’ve done on Instagram. Thank you so much for watching. Here’s a playlist of all of the tricks on other apps that nearly nobody knows.