Stop Believing Start Knowing – Instagram interview Miley Cyrus

What beauty advice would you give yourself as a 16 year olds now? Oh my goodness. I think what I’d give to even sixteen-year-old today, which is like I like I said less is more chill. I think when you’re younger you try to make yourself look older and everyone tried to tell you you’re going to regret it as you get older and then I wear I think it left makeup now, it’s 22 then I did maybe when I was 15 or 16 that you posted of your myself back in the day and that like this is me then this is me now and I literally we’re less I where I had extensions and was like always feeling I had to be in high heels and my makeup done and that’s what I want girls about Instagram now is a lot of girls are teasing girls that don’t exist. They’re like facing reality that isn’t real because people get a fine-tuned they always have their you know, going out as like a fashion show and now she’s not reality and I think when I kind of try to remind girls is that is in reality a real human if that’s real and you know what, I’m sorry.

When people are humans and then people forget that even the people on Instagram are human and they’re they’re not all what they seem to be threw a picture. You know, I really appreciate that honestly, sometimes when you look at Instagram or Twitter and you see girls you like why don’t I look that way or you see people that are 15 that look prettier like in done than you and you’re like you to feel so great. Seeing what people have made it’s always been this way, especially for girls. I think of the formula what’s supposed to be pretty and what a woman is supposed to be has always been something that I think that I accepted more when I was younger and now and I’m older I’m like forget that like, I don’t want to be like that exactly that you have so many lovely women are like your mom your sisters Dolly Parton princess. What’s the best piece of beauty advice any of them have ever told you?

You know, my mom is always been really cool. I can now I mean, I’ve always been able to kind of afraid with the way I look and I think that was what my mom always let me do my mom never look like a typical mom and even some mom’s depression never ends for women as you get older the pressure does it continues to happen in like our mother mom was judging me for not looking like other moms and my mom’s never cared my mom’s got tattoos long blonde hair and it’s who she is. I like bold rock and roll music and is also an awesome mom, you know said she’s going to be like who care like don’t judge anyone just be free Dolly $2. They don’t let what’s on the outside. Don’t let that control what people think about you on the inside like your insides always stand out brighter than whatever you got going on. Well, thank you so much for refreshing interview. Cuz talk to you about a man in here.

I wanted to tell you that popsicle you’re one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Thank you. I was inspired by one of your Instagram. So York. Itchy. Little Aura by God is really awesome. If you’re really sad, when did this is pretty natural law. This morning. It’s amazing. The hot glue gun is changing my life. Exactly almost done. You’ll be up at 9 in the morning and you’re just going to be Miss litter glue and thank you for your thank you. So I like the DIY.

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