New Research Shows Social Media Users are Becoming Use Social Media

Some really exciting stuff at the end of this video a new study that I think you’re going to be really interested in but let’s go ahead and dive into it. So the first thing that happened is now Chrome in July of this year, July 9th is going to be coming out in blocking ads worldwide that are poor user experience as in that are ads that are kind of hateful in that over-the-top stuff that people don’t want to see Chrome getting much more stringent on the type of ads that they’re allowing to be served. So they’re going to filter out those annoying ads worldwide starting July 9th. Next thing advertisers can now retarget to People based off of the question that they saw so for example of a digital marketing agency owner, if I see that somebody’s gone to these type of topics and questions on digital marketing agencies. I can set up retargeting based off of that specifically. That’s a cool new feature for corrupt next.

Google enables users to continue previous searches with activity cards. So activity cards are this new thing that is coming to Google Danny Sullivan spoke about it not too long ago. But basically what it does is it allows you to see cars that are associated with Pastor is that you’ve done and jump to them very very quickly. So but Google’s trying to do is make it easier to use the interface so that you can basically click into things that that relate to Pastor cuz you’ve done and if you do a search so that you can see, the next thing in the next thing in the next think that’s generally associated with it. So they’re trying to kind of create this cohesive customer Journey. So people stay within the environment and really the main reason they’re doing as one to make search better but also to increase pageviews cuz if they can increase page views, then they can increase Impressions if they can increase impression than they can probably increase the amount of money that they make through advertising.

Next DuckDuckGo breaks 9 billion searches in 2018. So that’s more than double the amount of searches reported in 2016 in October. The company said they’re handling 30 million searches a day. So that’s still very very small compared to Google which is is much much much much larger. But the reason I think a lot of people are going to DuckDuckGo is because of the Privacy they don’t track you the way that Google does that’s a big thing right now with Facebook and Google and you know, the government entities really starting to become more and more interested in that I can go on a long T engine on that right now. I won’t what I will say is that I think if the government is going to be looking at these type of entity station, it probably a little bit better Tech advice before they do these hearings. I think that that would be a good thing for they should have some tech experts or expertise to 2B lead.

Is Happy Harry’s for the last couple ones were kind of goofy. Either way.. Go is on the rise and people like it because of the Privacy abilities next thing Google comes out and they say that too many internal links will not hurt your ranking. So that’s been a big thing in the past in the past. You know that I’ve been doing this for you for a while now, you know quite a long time, you know back then in 2002 is going to want to start doing digital stuff. Really really into a CO kind of in that 2007 ish time which is when it was it was taken off and really becoming Nothing More by mainstream thing. But anyway, so internal linking has always been something right and in before they would say it was a hundred links that they could do per patient in this is really based off of Google’s crawling abilities, but they’re calling abilities of got better and better and better then they said you can go up to about 300 link per page. And so they kind of change the guidelines on that now they’re saying don’t even worry about it, but there is this thing

Listen for to keep in mind in this this idea of page sculpting. So if you don’t know what page cool thing is is the idea that say you have one whole page right? If you have one link on that page going to another page one hundred percent of the authority of that page is that it can provide to another page is going to be transferred to a tattoo that next page if you have 100 legs, right you just significantly diminished the amount of authority that’s going to be transferred from one page to another page cuz now you’re spreading it out to a hundred Pages that’s 300 pages in a 400-page is a thousand so on and so forth, right? So for me, I still think it’s important to be kind of deliberate with your internal linking. So you want to watch the amount on some level and I don’t really like what Google is doing right now, they’re being so lackadaisical with the way that they are providing search engine optimization advice. I think they’re doing it on purpose because they want to create a Ruckus because back in the day Matt cutts used to come out and say don’t do this don’t

That and then it created this kind of storm of commotion now or should I just go ahead and do whatever you want which is kind of belittling the abilities of somebody to get better rankings online next to Snapchat releases this really interesting report. So Snapchat says that basically they come out with a report of why people use specific social media sites, right? So why do people user insights? Why do they turn to Snapchat Twitter Facebook and Instagram and YouTube here is what they said in the report. So Snapchat they do it to talk to friends share photos use lenses and filters share videos and talk about daily experiences Twitter follow news and current events follow discussions fall celebrities learn about subjects of Interest share viewpoints Facebook talk to friends talk to family members share photos have private conversations learn about upcoming events Instagram share photos talk to friends follow celebrities share daily experiences, Schererville.

YouTube learn about subjects of Interest learn about new products share videos get news about pop culture in find products to purchase that spot on good job snapshot and you could create study and that’s really interesting. It just I think that this is great. This is great use this as a framework when you’re setting your social media strategy for your business. Where do you align what types of content can you can you create that fall in line with each of the reasons why people would use the site?

Really really interesting and I have a couple more things. So next thing is businesses can now schedule videos to Instagram for the first time so you don’t have to manually post anymore and basically last month Instagram updated their API to allow direct scheduling for videos to WhatsApp. So that’s exciting. I think we’re going to see a lot of these third-party Instagram integration companies trying to find a way so that they can do the scheduling as well. And then finally today a new report highlights the best Facebook posting practices. So what are the best ways that you can post on Facebook Facebook we’re seeing that you really need to be doing promoted post now to get any visibility for your content. If you’re not doing it the reaches going to be until 3 to 6% even for your own page. So now, you know, some people are getting more of that if they’re like a celebrity or people really like engaging with their content. But but what are the best practices will hear they are

Based off of this study, which is by buzzsumo, which is a very cool to love what you’ve probably used before. It’s it’s grown quite a bit in his popularity. They say video is the best post it still generates 59% more engagement than other post that I believe is true. I I post a lot of video to Facebook on the watch platform or more people are using that watch platform. If you click watch you’re going to see all the pages that you’re following and you’re going to see all the latest updates to those pages with a little icon and that’s really taking off for for the stuff that I create and then also for a lot of our clients as well. They say the best time to post is at night and they say that’s probably because there’s less competition from other businesses. And in a lot of people are browsing during those hours most engagement happened on the weekends and that’s not really a big surprise because people interested in there on the weekends, if you know scrolling mindlessly, by the way, really trying not to do that right now in 2019 and 20

18 my goal is to shut down my phone when I get home to not check it until I get back into the office unless it’s an emergency and to stop the aimless scrolling, and I probably should be your goal to I do not no more wasting time in that way. I’m going to be very deliberate with my time, and you should be as well and then finally shorter post perform better and they say again, no surprise, so it’s no longer post aren’t doing as well last thing. I just released a new video that is on search engine optimization. The Ultimate Guide for 2019 is a little bit longer, but it tells you how to structure all the different types of SEO programs based off of business model check that out on the YouTube video. Also, I’m creating a lot more content this year and got some new thumbnails and stuff like that. If you like it, give me a yes. I’d appreciate it you like this video? Give me yes, and I like, thank you. See you next time. Have a great day.