How much cash could you make with your Instagram?

So you’re over the past 30 days. I monetize my small with 10000 followers Instagram account and his results from 0 to $1,000 which was me to take a month, but I actually didn’t have weak lost people asked for like a 1-month update of how it works. So that’s what today’s video is. I haven’t had she actively promoted anything on this page. So this is just going to show the results of basically just growing it and having a good sit up by which is driving traffic so so much the case study of passive income from Instagram more than anything because I didn’t actively post anything on the story of someone aside from seeing any promotion to my YouTube. I think I might like one one post my ebook.

Who like that over the past three weeks after doing $1,000 in the first week is I added my the ad that I used as a story highlights of the new followers could find that story see the course and dive into it if I wanted to and then on top of that I also make sure the fire was good and I was driving traffic to my YouTube channel. So there was a link to my YouTube and the Bible as you can say sending people to my YouTube channel so that people stumbled across my page they went there if they wanted more information and they look through the story highlights. They could have died and truth and have a look at my $46 course and an order on top of that is run set. So sit up as I basically just continue to grow the following I didn’t actively do anything to grow up cuz this is Bane the back of my mind of a more focused on clients recently. We’ve been working with about four pretty strong personal Brands racing in the awesome results, and I’m looking at Skyline at 2 Bactine are the names of the months. I’ve been pretty busy focused on clients and I wasn’t really

What about this page not so what I did is I just had my designer post twice a day you could hashtags and that was about as far as the growth strategies when we didn’t do any like a live urging for shoutouts. I didn’t do any shut up and shut outside and run the adds to it. It was basically just posting good counting and then that drove eyebrows to the bar with strobe I both to my YouTube and to the course which people could buy $46 excuses aside, here are the results of the first 30 days monetizing a small can of 10,000 followers which agency care grew to just on that just arrived at 16,000 and the past 30 days. So we gained about 6,000 doing literally zero growth tactics. Just posting twice a day with hashtags.

All right to a diving into my teachable with screen. I just want to change the state to the last 30 days. So that gives a more accurate representation of commission of each my sales so you can see the actual amount of matter how much revenue I get paid from the account and it’s the property after the phase of the transactions agency him over the past month. We made 250u vn527 44542 86-83 and that was the first we got promoted in that I told you about Annie original video and then you can see this is a consistent and come over the past three weeks by SIA from living at my body. So we made $2,083 2081. $2,081 One South $41 1 * 41.

Teresa was I do you want another two days of $2,082 each and the reason why some of these don’t like 82 some of the mighty one is because depending on the location of a semi bought they get charged different taxes and sometimes after pat little bit more and face the selling in that country and see $41 through $10 then $40 then $41 a year now since I never to a total 44 sounds of $1,948 of income and I can change it to weekly and daily. So, you know, it’s am

You know, it’s not close yet. So give an ID in the first week and then 5:45. The reason I was five forty-five is the first couple days made a lot of money and then 40817 e and then this week which is just started yesterday of 41 between two to three hundred dollars to wake and Lucas at pushing people to my you just want to see the status page is not some fancy whipping out some conversion optimize cell page with magic countdown timers and fake stuff like that, but it’s just a simple thing explaining who I am what was outside and what results of God who the course is full and then some screenshots the results that I generated testimonial and then the core so I could easily go out there and get a much nicer conversion talk to myself pay sort of but that’s just like a very very simple 7 page just to just get it done because I didn’t want to be logged into that category of

Fake girls are nothing. I just wanted to do my thing by Main and come from comes from my agency in this is a nice with Sidekicks. Hope that’s you and screenshots of the growth of the account unusual that as well. So I’ll have that on there just this time back to the main screen Josh.

Now on top of this ain’t she generated a little bit of Consulting income as well. This was from someone that reached out to me on the Page by see my results. I see my other pages that she watched my YouTube. So if you want change, how you doing? Hope you’re good and they basically wanted some help with your Instagram. They wanted to help growing a day already had about twenty thousand followers and they want to know them to grow up. But I also wanted some help monetizing it as they hadn’t done that yet. So I reached out to me we talked on the phone and then ended up as a consultant customer who basically wanted me to help them grow and monetize a page. So that was another thing on the side of which end me about $500 on top of this. This is a few calls and some one-on-one help which means over the past month this page and made about $2,500 now, I had someone posting for me so I had to subtract the money for that. And then also you have to factor in the years of experience that allowed me to have the skill of Consulting and help.

These people grow your Instagram as well as the years of experience, which allow me to have a course cuz you can just wake up credit course and then charge people money for Consulting Group agent and do that. Like as he is building up two things that allow you to be able to do that. But that makes sense. Take away is the fifth month of monetizing. This patch is super important to build an Engaged audience if your audience and engage with you and I don’t constantly liking commenting sharing your stuff watching your stories replying to your pause, then they’re not really going to buy anything cuz if not even wanting to commit a lot to your page. I don’t wanna be willing to commit teens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to you that you thought that Ikea even more important than engagement. Is it night that she trusts you. Not really give much money to a random meme page that I find the post funny but they have zero trust for the person behind that maybe they have no idea who they are.

Maybe they have seen who they are and I’m not a good person that doing bad things then is unlucky to give the money. If they don’t trust them on your story. You can be genuine you can help people you can help me with the election results and then you going to be able to monetize bit up because people are going to trust you more and then be more willing to buy your product consulting or click on your affiliate links or any of that stuff. Their number three is heaven offer that people actually want that seem super obvious, but lots of people don’t do this route every page about investing and then they sell a course on Instagram. If you go to pay you out of this thing someone quotes on investing your page about Instagram promoter quotes about Instagram page this all about nice canvases go to page about cooking promote. The recipes cookbooks cooking utensils, something like that that you can

And you owe me and said she want make some of your audience really really warm and then you got to do very well.

Tumi my audience want to let Instagram that’s what you watching this video for that’s what the people follow me on Instagram. That’s what everyone wants to learn from my page from my YouTube. So just make sense for that to be an offer number for is make sure you have an evergreen off of so what if you’re promoting would it be wrong thing or an affiliate product? And this way you can do a big promotion for the biggest lunch for it and you can leave it in your bio. So any new followers it come across you can click on it and check it out. This can be through a story highlight or I can be through your bio link. I prefer as my highlight as I’m also trying to drive traffic to this YouTube channel, which you have not subscribed yet smash to subscribe button drop a like down below. Sorry for that plug, but it has to be done. I’m a YouTuber now that I’m big, but yeah, make sure your offer is Evergreen so that people can constantly go through there. That means as long as you keep it on your page, you’re constantly sending traffic back to the offer and you getting saddled with what you

It is like I said, I have my body was driving traffic to my YouTube and my story highlight was driving traffic to my cool sandwich. I was getting anywhere from 0 to 2/7 per day. So some days. I might nothing from an Advertiser make like a hundred bucks from it just from driving traffic to my page by posting twice a day so I can just continually and you money without doing extra work, which is the beauty of passive income is about it for today’s video. I did not really do anything special over the past three weeks or let it grow it and drive traffic the week before that push too hard. We did results. If you haven’t seen the first video I will leave that link below or somewhere on the screen and you can go to watch that way. You can just check it out of my channel to $1,000 challenge. Now, I want you guys to go ahead and leave a comment asking or they can call me and suggest thing and you serious. I think I’m kind of stuck from here. I might do a series on Tik Tok.

Yeah, I think your mom wants to see or I can do something else. If you guys want to say something else. I try on a new challenge. I was also looking at this ain’t you doing an affiliate marketing challenge where I build an affiliate marketing income from 0 to 10 thousand a month and see how long it takes me. It could be something that takes me a year to take me five years. I don’t know how long it would take about some I Got That Rock and put out like a video once a month you guys and giving you guys my insights on how to do things. So anyway without food with that is it for this video is subscribe buttons down there and you should smash or three of them. So I will see you guys in another video sometime soon.