How I gained 4000 new real Instagram followers Without Post Everyday

Hello, everyone. This is future. Vanessa speaking. I am reviewing this video footage right now and realizing that the excitement that I have for my camera is going to make you nauseous in the next few frames. So I just want to apologize in advance for that.

Video to learn more about Mike strategies video. I really want to talk about how I am able to grow my Instagram account to three to four thousand plus followers of but you don’t believe me to check on my social blade without necessarily posting new content every single day or being a slave to Instagram if you’re interested in learning how not able to leverage the strategies in the tools with Instagram to do that. And also how I’m able to create an ecosystem send it video is going to be a perfect for you to show appreciation and Shadow in my community. We do have some important order for the website right into that first before we dive into this week Austin video. We want to shout out the comment and YouTube channel of the week. Thank you so much for leaving these kind message.

Is on to last week’s video not only this we also want to shout out the Instagram story and profile of the week as well. Thank you again for showing out our videos. Now if you’re watching this and you’re wondering how can I get featured in the next video? It’s very simple. Number one that you could either leave a comment below on this video or you can take a picture of this video and share it with your audience on Instagram. Just don’t forget to tag me now with that are the way let’s just Dive Right into this week video the very first hip that my cat and I have for you and that is if you want to really explode the growth on your Instagram account, you really want to consider wearing your Instagram account with another platform on social media that is a lot more seo-friendly. If you really want to pair it with a platform that dominates in an app to search engine will the reality is that even though I love Instagram to death. It’s not really the best platform in order to get

On the contrary Instagram is amazing when it comes to nurturing relationships with your followers and Derek were turning your followers into clients, which is what I’m all about. Why because a lot of Instagram are amazing Heather platform that allows you to do video call voice notes text message live stream stories caption all these different things. These are amazing tools that you can leverage in order to get closer to your prospect and therefore get clients for your Fitness. However, if not the best search friendly platform now, the reason why I say that is because let’s say you’re looking for a solution to your problem and you’re searching up how to grow followers on Instagram to gram. There’s not going to be any relevant captions IG TV host that show up if you actually find a profile to show up, but you’re not looking for profile looking for content.

Not the best when it comes to Surf and how I’ve been really able to explode my following on Instagram. It’s because I used platforms that are a lot more search friendly just likes YouTube a lot of my clients my students my followers My audience members have first found me using YouTube and then what happens if they end up following me on Instagram really enjoying the content that I really enjoyed the service that I gave their and there for most of them will convert to becoming students or clients for my business. However, I would not be able to do that. So you might be wondering what are some examples of third friendly popcorn. What if I don’t want to be a YouTuber you can have a podcast by the way, we just recently launched the podcast call your followers into clients if you’re interested check it out.

When they’re looking for that problem because I can’t remember people are searching for you. They’re searching for the solution to their problems. And if you put the solution up on a platform that is really search friendly. Eventually they’re going to find you. So if you don’t want to see you tube, you could you podcast another idea is that you can also leverage LinkedIn, especially if your niece is really care to those were more career-oriented. Can you put videos of a LinkedIn and if someone is searching for that particular subject your article on LinkedIn it will show up theme blog Post article that you post on LinkedIn tweak it a little bit put it in your actual blog on your website add a Pinterest pin on it on Google but also can track these are amazing little hack little ways that you can optimize your social media platform that you can feed in to your Instagram. So the first hit that I have for you is hate.

If you haven’t already make sure that you care your Instagram platform, which is the traffic that is coming through your profile a really common objection, which is oh my goodness. I’m already going crazy over wild Instagram already alone is enough for me what you can do. If you can learn to repurpose your content if you took your igtv that you did on Instagram or you baby you save some of your stories or you take some of your caption you can transcribe your stories or transcribe your igtv there the video that you post on Instagram and turn it into a blog post for your blog add a Pinterest pin on it and explode your traffic.

What she does is she turns a lot of her story content on Instagram and she converts them into YouTube video actress search juice, but it doesn’t take a lot of time for her to do that. The only way possible that you can repurpose a lot of your Instagram content and put it on either YouTube LinkedIn podcast blog post Pinterest and all these other platforms you’re able to maximize your disability. If a group for your supper me, I have my Facebook group, which is trying to follow my Facebook will show up. So these are different ways that you can really leverage all these other social media platform and have it work for you so that you can get more followers on to your Instagram.

Is the first hit the second shift that I have for you to come forward on your Instagram sure that you are creating content. I have been harping on this year 2020 when you are creating content want to make sure that you’re stretching the lifespan of that content as well. So you don’t want to just have your piece of content living there for at least 30 minutes less. They are only an hour only a day that you want to stretch it out as far as possible. And when you create shareable content, like you’re able to do that other people might share that to adjustable. It’s a lot more easier to share on other people’s stories and when other people share their content,

That come through on your page. So when you’re content really think and how you can make it that people want to share on their profile. These are things that you really want to consider in order to really extend the shelf-life vice versa. Like what I said in the first hip what is you took some of your YouTube transcriptions and turn them into Instagram caption? What if you turned a portion of your blog post and turn it into an Instagram caption and turned it into a Carousel and do all the different thing. That’s exactly like what I do in my Instagram strategy. I turn a lot of my posts that I do in my Facebook group and then months later I end up repurposing that and turning it into Carousel pose single post all these different things igtv. He’s so that people are more willing to share and I’m not doubling my work when

Two content creation it to make sure you are creating terrible moments and shareable content with your audience. I maximize my time with this camera that I have for you is to collaborate that is another way that you can pay your traffic on Instagram. So let me give you an example of stage you collaborate with someone in a podcast episode even if you don’t have a podcast episode if someone is searching for a solution to their dad episode that you’ve collaborated on is now going to show up in Search and not going to increase the chances of someone finding you for example for me over on diesel and I end up getting followers because of it. I don’t necessarily have to have a podcast but the fact that I’m collaborating with other people

Podcast now allows him to show up in certain the same thing goes for YouTube music library with YouTubers. Even if you don’t have an Instagram that you can do is I really love the Instagram feature. I feel like Instagram has been a really good job training more engaging the something you can consider doing if you can collaborate with an Instagram notifications to be sent to their followers on Instagram on your screen while going to make it a lot more entertaining really use PowerPoint presentation in your life stream.

If you can save that live stream and then convert it into a podcast episode that allow people on Instagram, you’re also able to repurpose that content and put it onto other shareable platforms. Not only podcast you could even take that piece of content and put it on YouTube. You could put it in your Facebook group. You could transcribe it using bread when you can check out the link below to find it for which is what I use to transcribe everything in my sickness and then you can use that transcription and turn it into a blog post from friend that block and turn it into a carousel on Instagram. There are so many different ways that you can maximize that piece of content so that you can explode your following describes exactly how I personally have been able to really explode my Instagram account get thousands and thousands of followers every single day I’m using

Platform repurposing my content not trading time for money and it’s effortless Lee for me for you to be really smart with a platform that you’re choosing and be really smart with how you are stretching your content. All right, guys, those those are the three top hits that I have for you today in this video when it comes to Growing your followers without necessarily producing content on Instagram every single day and I hope you enjoy this video. I told you way more videos on if you enjoyed it format a video as well before you go. I also want to let you guys know that we have now launched a contact our podcast turn followers into clientage longer-form content. Very similar to this is really going to help you grow your social media following help you grow your coaching business.