Advertising on Instagram: 7 Winning Strategies For Maximum Results

If you want to know how to advertise on Instagram, I’m going to share with you seven winning strategies for 2019. And we’re starting right now, if you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine, I’ll show you all my best tips, tactics and secrets to get there fast. Let’s dive in.

Hey there, I’m West McDowell web strategist for the deep end. And if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet, go ahead and click on the subscribe button and the little bell icon next to it so you never miss another video you need to succeed online. So I’ve done several videos now about advertising on Facebook. But I don’t know if you’re aware but within Facebook ads manager you can also run Instagram ads. That’s where all the magic happens. And Instagram actually is getting more and more prevalent more action than Facebook every year that goes by. So knowing how to advertise on Instagram is its own thing and very important to know in 2019 going into 2020 and since it is so different than running Facebook ads, I do want to share with you seven Have those winning strategies, let’s just get started. So the first one is video ads. So we already know the video is definitely more captivating than images. But I don’t know if you know this, but 72% of everything shared on Instagram are just images. So by adding videos, you can stand out even more. But here’s what I recommend, you know, whatever you do, video wise, should kind of blend seamlessly into the Instagram feed, which means that should not be overly self promotional. So the first thing you want to do is really grab attention somehow using movement or bright colors or something like that. And then you want to segue really quickly into offering something helpful or useful, you definitely want to do that over trying to push them into a purchase right away. So a great use here would be to just offer a quick tip or some advice or to direct them to a free lead magnet or piece of content on your blog, or maybe a YouTube video. And just to get a little more tactical, I do recommend a vertical video. That just takes up more vertical space. In the feed, and the dimensions for that would be 600 pixels by 750 pixels. And you’re also going to want to get into the meat of the video very quickly. What a lot of companies tend to do is they want to start with like a logo screen, don’t do that it just looks promotional, and it makes it look like an ad, frankly, and you probably want to have some captions built into it because most people when they’re scrolling through their feeds or stories, they usually have their sound off to begin with. So if you like the idea of video, you think it’s going to work well, but you’re kind of scared off by it, you think it’s too tall in order this next tactic is for you. And that is using gifts or boomerangs. So gifts are also really good at capturing attention. And there’s a lot less involved in making one Instagram has Boomerang built into it, which lets you just basically hold down the button and take a really quick little video that snaps back and forth. So you could shoot a customer enjoying your product or service, a behind the scenes look at your business or even just something kind of random and crazy and let the words underneath that do the talking for You and if you’re doing an Instagram story ad, you can always use those gifts as stickers and within a story to add a little bit of playfulness and authenticity to your ad. They actually even have animated arrow gifts that you can put in your stories to entice people to keep on tapping through your entire story, right next use polls and sliders. So Instagram story ads now have the capability of adding polls and little emoji sliders to further increase engagement. You can ask a question as a poll that people can vote on. Or you can ask more open ended question. And one pro tip here basically, polls will definitely be engaged with more because you’re asking less of them, they just have to tap an answer versus writing something out. And then what you can do is you can dm every single person that responds to it, which is a great way for a small business or a local business to engage with their prospects. And it’s also a great way to just turn a cold audience who’s never heard of you before, into a really warm audience. All right, this next strategy Doesn’t even involve you running any ads yourself. Rather, it’s working with an Instagram influencer. So influencers are not just for big brands. And it’s not just about working with huge million plus follower influencers either you can easily find you know, more mid level, mid range influencers that can give your business service or product a shout out for a lot less than you think. And of course, prices can vary here, but I’m not talking about going after a Kardashian I’m just talking about finding someone either in your local area who or who overlaps with your core audience who has you know, 10s of thousands of followers just do a little bit of research and then dm the ones you find and ask them how much they would charge for, you know, either a photo shout out or a about a 32nd video. And again, rates can vary here, but the general rule that I found is that for every 1000 followers they have, you can expect to pay about $10 per post. So if If you found someone who had 10,000 subscribers, you’d expect to pay about 100 bucks for that shout out. And that can work really effectively for smaller brands. And it can also work right here on YouTube, not just on Instagram. Alright, so the next strategy is just to post on weekends. So Quinn Lee’s did a study that found that 76% of all posts on Instagram were posted Monday through Friday, but posts that were published on the weekend got 22% more engagement. Now this may not be the best if you’re a b2b business, because most people don’t really want to think about work on the weekend. But if you’re more of a consumer brand, this can work out really well and you can get much more attention with much less competition that way and because of that, you can probably expect your ad spend to drop as well. Next, you can grow your email list using Instagram lead ads. So Instagram is a great platform to put your lead magnet in front of people to grow your email list and your list of subscribers. Instagram is an excellent platform to Grow your email list that you can start nurturing over time until they’re ready to buy advertising to a cold audience. For a direct sale is always pretty tricky. So what I usually recommend is, is that first step to get people on your email list rather than go for the sale. And while you can use your ad just to direct people back to a landing page on your website where they can opt in for your lead magnet and get on your list that way, I actually recommend something else you might want to try, which is a lead ad, which I’ve done a video on in the past for Facebook, but you can do the same thing on Instagram. So what happens is they see the ad, they click the button to learn more, and a little form pops up asking for their name and email address. But it’s already pre populated because of course Facebook and Instagram already know everything about you. So it’s pre populated, they just have to click the button that confirms they want the lead magnet and that corresponds with your email service provider like MailChimp or drip and They get the lead magnet email to them automatically, and they never had to leave Instagram. If you want an in depth look at lead ads, just click right up here for that video. It’s mostly dealing with Facebook. But it’s largely the same process. The main benefit of doing it this way rather than sending them to your website is basically you just reduces friction, you know, they don’t have to wait for your site to load and just the fact that you’re keeping people on the platform, which is where Instagram wants them to be, you’ll end up paying less for that lead. Okay, next we have story ads. So story ads appear between the stories of people. So basically, there’s about 400 million daily users who are scrolling through the stories of people they already follow, and your ad can just kind of sneak right in there between and what’s cool about story ads is you can use all the you know, the face filters, the text overlays, the special effects, the gifts, all that good stuff that can create some really fun, interesting promotions. And here’s what’s interesting people are in the stories more than they are in the feed, but they get more you get a higher click through rate a much higher click through rate in story ads versus feed ads. And the cost per click is generally a lot lower as well. The only downside here is you only have about 15 seconds to get your point across. That’s as long as it’ll stay in the feed. So you have to get your point across really quickly. And you just have to verbally tell people what your offer or promotion is and then verbally tell them to swipe up if they want to learn more about it that swipe up is pretty much the link back to your website or landing page. And yes, I do recommend using the story ad to promote your lead magnet rather than asking for a direct sale because remember, you’re basically inserting yourself in front of a cold audience who does not know you yet, so you’re much better off giving them something valuable for free except for their you know name and email address. They click the button to learn more. They see their informations already filled out. All they have to do is click the button. They get your freebie and you get a new email subscriber So almost tunes. And don’t worry about the production value either, you know, these can look very homemade. In fact, that tends to work better on Instagram, because it doesn’t come across like an ad. So what you want to do is just start with some kind of movement to really grab that attention right away, tell them what you’re offering, and just really quickly, one to three benefits that they’ll get from your lead magnet. In other words, the results they can expect, then tell them to swipe up and you’re done. Okay, now, I want to hear from you. And I want to know which of these strategies are you really excited to use on Instagram yourself? Or what’s the biggest takeaway you got from this video, I want to know all about it, just put it in the comments below, along with any questions you might have about any of it. And if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet, go ahead and click the circle icon right here to subscribe. And I’ve got a lot more to show you. So go ahead and click on one of these other videos too, and we can keep learning together. All right, I’m West McDowell for the deep end, and I’ll see you in our next video.